BLOOD SAFETY: The objective of Blood Safety programme under NACP-III is to wipe off the scarcity of blood and ensure availability and provision of safe and quality blood and other blood products throughout the year, even to the far-flung or remote areas of the state. The specific objective is to ensure reduction in the transfusion associated HIV transmission to less than 0.5 per cent.

This is proposed to be achieved through a four pronged strategy which is as follows:

  • Ensuring that regular (repeat) voluntary non-remunerated blood donors constitute the main source of blood supply through phased increase in donor recruitment and retention;
  • Promoting appropriate use of blood, blood components and blood products among the clinicians;
  • Establishing blood storage centres in the primary health care system for availability of blood in far-flung remote areas; and
  • Develop long-term policy for capacity building to achieve efficient and self-sufficient blood transfusion services.

Provision of safe blood is vital and it has also been regarded as an essential component in safeguarding human life. Apart from life saving effect, the knowledge of adverse reaction that can be caused by erroneous blood transfusion and means of spread of viruses like HIV, HB, HCV, etc. through blood, makes it mandatory for improving and maintaining quality control of blood and blood products.


STATUS OF BLOOD SAFETY PROGRAMME:   To ensure mandatory screening of blood for transfusion, a Zonal Blood Testing Center (ZBTC) which is now known as the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre was established at Pasteur Institute, Shillong in the year 1990 and linkages were made with other licensed Govt. and Private Charitable Blood Banks in the state. State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) was also established in Meghalaya. Currently, the State has 6 (six) licensed blood banks supported by National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO). Four (4) nos of Blood Banks supported by NACO are located in the capital city (East Khasi Hills District), 1 (one) in West Jaintia Hills District and one (1) in Tura, West Garo Hills District. Out of these 5 BBs, three (3) are government, and the other two are private/charitable hospital licensed blood banks.

List of Licensed Blood Banks in Meghalaya supported by NACO:

  1. Regional Blood Bank, Pasteur Institute, EKH – Government
  2. Blood Bank, Nazareth Hospital, EKH – Charitable
  3. Blood Bank, Dr. H. Gordon Roberts (KJP)Hospital, EKH – Charitable
  4. Blood Bank, Military Hospital, EKH – Military
  5. Blood Bank, NEIGRIHMS, EKH – Government
  6. Blood Bank, Tura Civil Hospital, WGH – Government
  7. Blood Bank, Jowai Civil Hospital, WJH – Government


The state has two (2) Major Blood Banks with Blood component separation facility, namely, Blood Bank, NEIGRIHMS, Shillong and Regional Blood Bank, Pasteur Institute, Shillong